You are my why!

I have discovered that art and creativity can be a huge missing piece in a
persons life. We need more creative spirits in the world! Each of us
helping to inspire, or even heal those who may have forgotten the power
of play and creativity.

I have been surrounded by art my entire life. My parents are artists, my
grandparents were artist. My earliest scent-memory is of oil paint and
pencil shavings. I have never known any other way of being. Creativity
was a constant, but clearly this is not the case for everyone. Too many
people have not allowed themselves permission to play with art, or even
worse, have been told, at some point in their lives, that they weren't good
at art. This one breaks my heart!

Situations like these have moved me to design a place where you can come
and learn how to make designs that fuels the artist in you and in turn
may enlighten and inspire more people and thus make our world a happier

I hope you will join me and spread a little of your new found creativity out
into the world!

Michelle Berlin is the creator and founder of Living Right Brain®
She is a Certified ArtBundance™ Coach & Practitioner
CoachVille Graduate Member
Sculptor, illustrator and dreamer, living in Portland Oregon.

All work is copyrighted by Living Right Brain®, M Berlin Designs, Inc. Work cannot be reproduced without written consent.