I am Michelle Berlin. I created Living Right Brain® as a place where I
can share creativity and creativity tools with you.

I have discovered that art and creativity can be a huge missing piece
in a persons life. We need more creative spirits in the world! Each of
us helping to inspire, or even heal those who may have forgotten the
power of art.

I have been surrounded by art my entire life. My parents are artists,
my grandparents were artist. My earliest scent-memory is of oil paint
and pencil shavings. I have never known any other way of being.
Creativity is a constant, this is why I am moved to design a place
where you can come find designs that fuel the creative spirit in you
and in turn may enlighten and inspire more people and thus make our
world a happier place.

I hope you will join me and spread a little creativity out into the world!

Michelle Berlin
Living Right Brain Studio

Michelle Berlin, creator and founder of
Living Right Brain
Certified ArtBundance™ Coach & Practitioner
Sculptor, illustrator and Creative Strategist, living in
Portland Oregon.

All work is copyrighted by Living Right Brain®, M Berlin Designs, Inc. Work cannot be reproduced without written consent.