Having your head swimming with so much creativity
can make it really noisy, it’s hard to focus!
And when you can’t focus…you can’t
choose the right next step.

Don't let your abundance of ideas get in the way,
use your creativity to help you focus!

A Gift
For You

Creativity Cure
For The
Cluttered Mind
Daily Focus Project

Being a creative, you may
experience creative frustration,
blocks or challenges somewhere
along the way and traditional
methods to quiet the mind and
move forward don’t always work
for us. But Creative Processes
do! Here’s a simple step by step
process to create an elegant and
artful focusing tool that will have
your mind going….aaahh….which
leads to calm and clarity.

It’s wonderful to be creative and have so many amazing ideas - and you deserve tools that are creative too!

With the Creativity Cure For The Cluttered Mind, Daily Focus Project
You will…

Be guided through a visual process to create a focusing tool you can use daily
Be able to settle your mind and banish creative overwhelm
Be able to increase awareness of your own creative process and yearnings

Step by step instructional video
200 printable words of the day
12 Page Slide PDF
Leaves Journaling pages

Celebrate Your Creativity!
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